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Children's scrapstore

We are a reuse charity dedicated to helping businesses divert reusable waste away from landfill/energy recovery to help improve art and play opportunities for children, young people and adults.

Before Covid-19 hit, our shop and Warehouse full of scrap materials were a huge part of our work, alongside our PlayPods service for schools and our Play Services branch. We’ve adapted our services over the last year as the need for art and play supplies for children who weren’t in school have risen, and have been able to ensure thousands of packs have been distributed across Bristol and the surrounding areas to those in need.  

We also have an online shop where you can find many of the items that you’d usually find in our ArtShop, as well as lots of new packs including craft ideas and scrap materials to keep you inspired! 

Find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our website at childrensscrapstore.co.uk to keep up to date with us, and find our online shop at shop.childrensscrapstore.co.uk