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Partisan Produce

Shopping with Partisan Produce means directly supporting local farmers, independent shops and businesses in the South West.

We are a network of local food producers and independent businesses who have partnered up to offer a collective online shopping service to our customers. 

As a group of passionate independent businesses we all pride ourselves on the quality and provenance of our produce. We are here to offer the closest to home and most sustainable shopping experience that we can.

The South West is full of flavour, find the best of it with us.

Choose to order items from any of our shop pages and we deliver everything to you in one easy home delivery. Shopping with Partisan Produce means directly supporting local farmers and small businesses in the local area.

All of our produce is either direct from farmer, producer or local supplier. This means a much smaller supply chain and shorter travelled miles per product than a conventional supermarket shop.

Visit the website support local producers and reduce your food miles.